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Review of The Cold Laser Therapy

cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy is a newer non-invasive procedure used in medical spas. It is called cold laser because its lights do not emit any heat. Because it does not require a surgical incision the cold laser therapy allows for a shorter recovery time. When it is used properly the cold laser therapy does not have serious side effects.

For a medical spa it is advantageous to buy cold laser in order to update and modernize its equipments. For patients using cold laser procedures is a more convenient way to get a facial for skin rejuvenation without to withstand uncomfortable heat. There are a few cold laser equipments already approved by FDA.

A cold laser facial uses low level light therapy and crystal microdermabrasion to rejuvenate the skin. Cosmetic procedures using cold laser have become popular lately.

Another useful application of cold laser therapy is on healing injured tissues. Scientists have proved that cells communicate in the living matrix through coherent light in order to coordinate aspects of growth, healing, cell survival, and metabolism. Using cold laser light emulates via artificial light this natural process that cells themselves use to grow and heal. Cold laser therapy can address the true underlying cause of disease.

If directed over diseased organs, on acupuncture points, or in the general area of a symptom, cold laser light can heal different tissue injuries. For example, chiropractor cabinets can use cold lasers to rehabilitate effects of vertebral subluxation on the myofascial tissues. Cold laser procedures can be used with success in treatment of chronic neck pain by reducing inflammation, muscle fatigue, and nerve conduction of painful stimuli. Cold laser procedures can be used in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis, spondylitis, myleopathy, neuropathy, immune system disorders. They also can be used for lymphatic drainage, hormonal balance, detoxification of liver, treatment of infections, and treatment of acute pain.

Cold lasers are ultra modern equipments with very promising applications in cosmetics and medicine.