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The 10 Inches Higher in 12 Weeks Jumping Experiment

Recently we have discovered a training guide that is so effective in making you jump higher that its creator guarantees it will increase your vertical by 10 inches in 12 weeks. Apparently it’s a very popular training program and basketball athletes use it a lot in their vertical jump training, it is called ‘The Jump Manual’.

A Manual for Leaping Higher

box-jump-trainingSo what is this ‘Jump Manual’? Well, the simple answer is it’s a training program for increasing your vertical leap, but actually it does more than that.

Obviously vertical leaping is mostly associated with basketball because of the height of the basket and the need to jump high, but there are other sports that a strong vertical leap is also essential like volleyball, football, high jumping and more sporting events that are good ways to make money.

Jump manual isn’t just a vertical leap training, it’s a whole body conditioning for athleticism so you can see the benefit of having the manual for sports other than just basketball.

The program was developed by Jacob Hiller, a huge jumper in himself who in his prime managed to get a 44 inch vertical. You can see in his site how me almost touches the rim with his head.

Jacob has lived and trained by the jump manual principles in himself for many years, after learning all the knowledge and acquiring all the experience as basketball coach and a trainer he put together a guide for improving vertical leap which later has turned into the jump manual.

The Proof Jump Manual Works

Jacob Hiller has sold thousands of copies of the Jump Manual and his guide has proven itself in all parameters. He has many satisfied returning customers who got results and shared them on YouTube and various blogs and what not…

I personally like the in depth review of basketball-workout-tips which is a great success story of an individual with the jump manual and it serves as a clear cutting proof that even people who are not likely to dunk can manage to do so with the right tools.