Women’s Las Vegas Body Building Show – Do Bigger Breasts give you an Advantage?

If you’re a woman professional body builder, than you most likely will be competing in the Las Vegas NPC classic, one of the largest women’s body building competition of 2014. This is where your months of hardcore training is put on display for hundreds to see, and perhaps earning yourself a spot as one of the best physiques in America. However, is it only your muscle that gives you that 1st place trophy? Or do other physical attributes matter? It’s a common question these days to ask. Based on history, women who have larger breasts tend to have an advantage over other competitors. This may be because of a couple of things:

  • 1) Larger breasts may actually make you look like you have a more developed chest over other contestants.
  • 2) Larger breasts also may stray attention away from your weak body parts.
  • 3) When your body fat decreases, the actual breast tissue decreases as well. This means your breasts will naturally look smaller as you lose more fat. The only way to overcome this is with getting a breast augmentation.

Last year’s Las Vegas NPC champion and Las Vegas native, Anita Munday, got a breast augmentation procedure done from surgeons that can be found on http://www.breast-augmentation-las-vegas.com, and was able to win first place. She got her breast enlargement surgery done 4 months before the event. This way she was able to get her cosmetic surgery, train, and come prepared for the big day. When asked if the breast implants played a role in her triumph, she answered, “Absolutely! There were a lot of women up there whose chests just flattened out because their body fat was so low. My chest still had a nice bust and muscle, so it actually made my chest look much larger than theirs. It definitely made me stand out from the rest.”

Based on Anita’s results, for those serious about competing, it may be extremely beneficial to their career to obtain a breast augmentation. When you compete, you’re going to want to have your body fat percentage levels at an all-time low, and some females will still want to maintain a feminine look. This is why breast implants not only may enhance your career it may also still make you feel good about your body as a woman.

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